Abscess is an accumulated pus underneath the skin. It is usually cause by bacteria that penetrate the skin through bite or scratch wounds. When the abscess become big and filled with pus most of them ruptured thus creating holes. If large amount of bacteria infect the wound necrotic skin, muscle and other tissues are found.

The same case has been observed in a cat who was rescued last December and brought to the clinic for checkup. A large abscess located on the right hind limb already ruptured causing limping of the affected leg. Pus and blood oozed out from the wound causing irritation the skin and surrounding tissues. Nonetheless, just to differentiate and check the stability of bones and possible generalized infection an X-ray and complete blood count were done revealing no significant finding on xray and bacterial infection.

Treatment involved daily wound cleaning, antibacterial medication and putting Elizabethan collar to prevent the cat from scratching the affected area. On the 1st day of wound cleaning, surgical debridement was done to remove all dead tissue to the wound. Wound healing takes around 1 to 3 weeks.