Fractures of the femur are some of the most common fractures seen in cats usually the result of major trauma. Generally, femoral fractures cause acute, non-weight bearing lameness of the affected hind leg. These fractures can occur in an immature bone or in a mature one. They can be open or closed fractures, and can be simple or multiple. For example, a 3 years old female cat was brought in the clinic due to limping in right hind leg, in appetence, lethargy, in pain upon palpation. X-ray was done and revealed fractures in the femur bone. Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the trauma. Treatment was done by doing bone pinning under general anesthesia. Antibiotic and pain killer medicines were given for a week. Try to prevent your cat from walking or moving too much. After surgical repair of the fracture, the cat will be kept restricted from activity for several weeks and the skin incision will be monitored while healing

X-ray of a femur fracture repaired with an internal fixation device made from pins and an acrylic cement.

Dr.Abdulaziz Ahmed