Demodicosis is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex canis as the host’s immune system is unable to keep the mites under control. It can live in your dog’s hair follicles and oil glands, mites are passed to puppies from their mothers in the first few days of life, and then live within the hair follicles for the duration of animal’s life without causing problems. It is thought that the body’s immune system helps to keep mite numbers and prevent the populations getting out of control. However in some instances, mite populations become huge resulting in inflammation and clinical disease.

Symptoms you will notice thinning hair, scaly skin, and the skin itself will appear reddish-brown and look very itchy,localized demodicosis symptoms are usually mild, with generalized demodicosis skin lesions are more widespread and may involve the entire body, like Alex 1 years old Germane shepherd dog came to our clinic with localized skin lesions after examination we did skin scrapings to find and diagnose demodicosis , treated with ivermectin injections, antibiotics and multivitamins .

Recommend follow-up care include skin scrapings and regular medication may be necessary.

Dr. Alaa