The eyes of the cats are unique compared to other animals, having special features that built as devices to help capture the slightest and tiniest movements aiding them to hunt and chase prey in the wild. A good eye should be clear and bright and the area around the eyeball should be white and the pupil should be equal in size. There are things that can be to watch for if there are something wrong with one or both eyes of your cat: always tearing/watering, discharges, redness and swelling. One of the most common eye problem encountered in the APC is the conjunctivitis of one or both eyes.

Conjunctivitis is the inflammation/congestion of the conjunctiva of the eyes. The causes could be virus, especially the herpesvirus, allergy from dust or any allergens from environment, and also from trauma or injuries. For example, there was one female Persian cat, 4 months old brought in the clinic. Upon physical examinations, her eyes, especially the conjunctiva, were congested and swollen. All the vital signs were normal, appetite was good, mucous membranes were pinkish and she was hydrated. The cat has also no history of vaccinations and deworming. Treatment for this condition is very simple by giving topical antibiotic with anti-inflammation eye drops or ointments for about a week medications. Eye drops with anti-inflammatory cannot be given to the cats with corneal ulcer. After ten days of medications the cat’s eye were fine. Prevention can be achieved by giving immunizations and taking good care of your pets.