Mohammed A. Hussein, DVM & AR
CEO & Clinic Manager

Dr. Mohammed is the other half of the two Veterinarians who formed Advanced Pet Clinic on June 01, 2008. Dr. Mohammed earned his degree in King Faisal University as a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources in 1982. For 30 years, he worked in Riyadh Municipality and was assigned in various positions in the fields of veterinary, slaughterhouse (he headed the department), meat hygiene and inspection. At one point, he was a Consultant to the Office of the Director/GM of the Public Health Department. He also was a member and held the VP position for three consecutive terms (four years for each term) of the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association. It was also in this period when he became a member of the committee who oversaw the formation of SFDA, its guidelines and policies. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association since November of 2010. Dr. Mohammed is presently the Director of the Administrative &Financial Department of the Clinic and the General Manager of Alefah Trading Est.